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The eBook will change your life, and best of all... it's free!

Why Healthy for Life U?

This eBook will change your life, and best of all… it’s free!

Heal your body with food

Your body was designed to be well and to heal itself. Learn why this isn’t happening for many people and how to ensure your body has what is needs to heal and prevent disease!

Cut through the clutter

There are so many health and diet plans out there, how do you know who to believe? We will give you a common sense and straight forward insights to cut through the clutter.

No special food to buy

Many plans require you to buy special food or follow a strict diet. We will show you how to choose healthy foods that will build your body up for maximum protection against sickness and disease.

Too many words?

Watch the video

Watch this short video to learn more about how Healthy for Life U will help you.

How will Healthy for Life U help you?

Just a few of the many ways Healthy for Life U will improve your life

Build immune system

Learn how to prevent disease

Have More Energy

Reduce Sickness

Save money on healthcare

Feel better than ever

Stop worrying about your health

Reduce or eliminate meds

Lose weight, reduce food cravings

Healthcare costs continue to rise

The average American household used to spend an average of 15-17% of their household income on food and only 3-5% on healthcare. Currently the average American spends only 5-8% of their household income on food and 15-20% on healthcare. Creating processed “cheap” food has actually proved to be more costly when you consider the healthcare cost, not to mention the lower quality of life.

1975 %


Today %


Recommended By Doctors


Dr. David Sim, MD


“Scientific studies continue to show that following the Healthy for Life nutritional principles will help reduce cardiovascular risk.”

Dr. Carlos Reynes, MD

Internal Medicine

“Healthy for Life has created exactly what I’ve been looking to use with my patients for over 25 years. I’m so glad it’s finally here.”

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD

Internal Medicine

Watch a live seminar with Dr. Rowen, as a part of the free course!

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Why do diseases continue to get worse?

Despite better medical technology, major diseases haven’t improved

Healthy for Life U will explain why we aren’t making any ground on curing diseases, and will explain the truth about what has happened to our health in this country. We will also show you how to protect yourself against the top diseases.

Heart Disease


The Food Disease

Learn how food is the cause and solution to many major health problems

You can do it!

This eBook will help you, no matter where you are in your health!

The printed version is available in our starter kits or you can download the eBook version for free!

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