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Helping people improve their health for over 18 years


We were founded over 18 years ago! The Healthy for Life philosophy is that nutrition should come from the food we eat – that’s the way it was intended. Over the years, our society has favored convenience and mass production, leaving our food supply lacking in a few essential nutrients. Our program is simple: eat whole food and supplement the few essential nutrients often missing from our foods. Healthy for Life U is an organization devoted to providing straight forward, common sense information about health based on our belief the our bodies were designed to be well and with the ability to heal themselves. We also believe the body is still capable of that given the proper support. This free eBook will help you define what good whole foods are and identify nutrients that you may not be getting from your diet. It will also help you avoid products and programs that are unnecessary or even harmful to you.

We’ve helped thousands of people like you turn their health around so they no longer have to worry about it.

Recommended By Doctors


Dr. David Sim, MD


“Scientific studies continue to show that following the Healthy for Life nutritional principles will help reduce cardiovascular risk.”

Dr. Carlos Reynes, MD

Internal Medicine

“Healthy for Life has created exactly what I’ve been looking to use with my patients for over 25 years. I’m so glad it’s finally here.”

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD

Internal Medicine

Watch a live seminar with Dr. Rowen, as a part of the free course!

Success Stories

“A complete and concise guide to wellness!”


“I loved the format. It was basic and through – it made you feel capable to make changes no matter how small – to keep positive and moving forward.”


A truly effective way to improve your health and vitality!”


“Wonderful nutrition and lifestyle program!”

“Much of what I have learned in Healty for Life University I had never heard before! The information is very good and compelling. Good stuff!”

“I kept hearing announcements on 830 am radio about your University, Healthy for Life. Knowing that my wife and I were getting tired of being tired, getting colds frequently and over the past few years, gaining weight, my thoughts had begun migrating toward “WE HAVE GOTTA DO SOMETHING” My interest in the name of your program “Healthy for Life” drew me to go online and check it out. Not just once but 3 times I kept going back to check it out. I mentioned it to my wife after the third time, because if I don’t have some backup knowledge on making a purchase, it probably won’t happen. After speaking to her several times, she made the comment, “it’s probably one of those multi-level marketing things or they just want to sell you more products for weight loss. With that said I went into phase 2, call and talk to someone at the number listed on line. So I did just that. I asked questions that would help my understanding and help me to convince my wife that this was a legit WHAT IT SAYS IT IS program. I called two times, to make sure there was no catches and that I would not be getting myself in trouble with my precious wife. I cannot stand “I TOLD YOU SO” I presented it once again to her and we agreed to purchase. Now I hear her say: “I’m so glad you kept pressing the Healthy for Life University program.” There are so many positive things happening now it’s unreal. 1. Our eyes are wide open to what has happened to our food supply. 2. The program has given us time together to sit down and make wise decisions on healthy choices. 3. We have in just a short 10 weeks, made the transition from unhealthy to healthy. 4. Both of us have experienced wonderful changes in our bodies. 5. Our sense of awareness and stamina has dramatically increased. 6. The places where we were getting bigger is melting away. 7. Where we both had skipped breakfast for years, and only eating twice a day, we are now eating 3 times a day, feel better than ever and losing inches also. 8. Sense the first week of making healthier choices, neither of us has been sick. 9. It has been easier to do than we ever thought possible. 10. We have met wonderful local farmers who are doing great things for the organic awareness. 11. Both of us are very happy with Healthy for Life University and would highly recommend it. 12. My wife is cooking and the quality and taste is amazingly good. 13. We comment often, that the organic food, tastes like what we ate as children. 14. Since we made the purchase, we have only received one email from HFLU, and it was to tell us about a great organic home delivery program through another company and we used the suggestion already twice with great results. 15. We do not plan to keep this to ourselves, but rather plan to share with as many people as possible in our area. Soon we will start teaching the classes. 16. If we break the right choice eating habit, our bellies tell on us pretty fast. We also feel bloated. 17. We have also experienced better sleeping at night. 18. The information provided, helped us stop ingesting terrible chemicals and Indigestion has disappeared. 19. We are hearing more and more people complain about their health. 20. Our experience has been outstanding and we want to say thank you to Jake and his team. What a healthy difference in our lives. 21. I love my wife’s wholesome organic sweet potato biscuits.” —With Love & peace, 

“This is a great series for getting some useful information and ideas for making simple changes in day-to-day habits and choices that result in a more healthful lifestyle. I highly recommend it!”

“Healthy for life has been a program of life transformation for my family. We have seen a complete change in how our bodies react to the normal stresses of everyday living in the 21st century. Our moods, memory, ambition, and general well being has increased dramatically. Not only will we live longer but our quality of life will be longer. Imagine being able to prevent 90% of diseases that affect everyday Americans from inflicting its pain on you or a family member. Don’t hesitate for a minute. Pick up this program today, it will be one of the the most inspiring and powerful teachings your family can learn!

““I wish we came across this twenty years ago because it’s a lot easier to prevent something than to cure it.” ”

““Healthy for Life University has allowed me to just be a dad and not worry if my son is going to suffer through an asthma attack today.””

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