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Beyond Fish Oil

Omega-3 or as it is most commonly promoted in the marketplace, fish oil, has served the purpose of introducing many to the need to supplement their diet with Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). There are two Essential Fatty Acids that must be ingested each day – Omega-6 and Omega-3. The parent form of these EFAs can not be manufactured by your body. As a brief review, fish oil consists mainly of Omega-3 derivatives, which are quite different from the required parent form.

One must distinguish between parent and derivative forms when considering EFAs. Biological pathways clearly show that our bodies make derivatives from the parent as needed by the body. The early literature on EFAs often overlooked this important and critical fact. While fish oil has many advocates, real-life results prove that patients show marked improvements when changing their daily EFA supplementation from fish oil (Omega-3 derivatives) to a more complete and biologically correct formulation of Parent Omega-6 and Parent Omega-3.

Based on the best nutritional information and noticeable results, as well as the latest, most complete science, it is clear that while fish oil can start you on the path, using a correct blend of Parent Omega-6/Parent Omega-3 significantly maximizes the benefits of EFA supplementation.

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