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“I will be forever grateful that you included me in your Healthy For Life University training. It has definitely changed my life and health for the better. Even though I did suffer another kidney stone attack and removal, I am hoping my new eating habbits will reduce the odds of that happening again in the future. As for the rest of my health, well, I have simply WOW’ed my doctors. First, my Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor was absolutely amazed that after a 12 year history of high liver function tests and liver biopsy, that my liver function has now been in the normal range. 12 years!! The doctor kept making up reasons, such as going off two of my prescription drugs as the reason it went back to normal. However, it was high for 10 years or more previous to my taking those prescriptions. Also, my RA has improved dramatically. I will always have a messed up knee joint until I have it replaced, but the inflammation in my joints has gone down tremendously. Then the day after seeing my RA doctor, I went to see my regular health practitioner. Same thing! She wondered what ever had I been doing to get the kind of blood workup that I had. My pre-diabetes is back to normal. My blood pressure is back to normal. I had been on blood pressure pills as it had been 165/98, but I quit taking them 1 ½ months prior to the recent blood work. She was shocked to find that out. She also saw my liver function tests were back to normal after all this time. She, too, asked what I had been doing. I told her about the diet. She looked skeptical, but focused on the fact that I was no longer taking my statin cholesterol medication. Well, the good cholesterol is very good, however, the bad cholesterol is still high and the combination of all still makes my cholesterol in the high range. So, she tried to talk me into taking it again. I protested as I have read many an article which says that high cholesterol is not a marker in whether one has a heart attack or not as well as statin drugs being very harmful to the body. Well, she gave me a free pass until my 6 month checkup. Anyway, I wanted to thank you both for helping me get some of my precious health back. Although I do not eat 100% correctly according to that diet, I try to stay on track as much as possible. I find it very distasteful now to eat meat that is not 100% grassfed and hormone and anti-biotic free. I have also changed my facial products, hand creams,hair products, dish and laundry soaps to organic, etc. Since I work in a shower out laboratory, I bring in my own soap and hair products to clean up with. Still a babe in the woods, I continue to learn more and more daily. Shopping is a real trip! The first time I went shopping after completing the program, my mind was like in a whirlwind. I would pick up an item that was organic and read the ingredients…wheat, sugars, artificial flavorings, etc. Well, THAT was not what I was looking for! So, reading the ingredient listing regardless of what it says on the outside packaging has been more than a little interesting. Thank you for putting together this amazing program. I had thought previously that I was eating healthy by staying away from sugars, white flour, fats, carbs, etc. But, you have shown us there is soooo much more. Thank you again and again!

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