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“I wanted to express my appreciation to Healthy for Life University for a phenomenal 12 weeks of health education challenging the audience to become proactive and take responsibility for one’s health and giving us the tools to implement a healthier lifestyle. Jake, the facilitator, challenged us in such a positive and interesting way. I rate each of the classes as superior, their was so much great information. For many years of my adult life I thought I had implemented a pretty healthy lifestyle but there was always some new information each week that was shared with us. My husband, has had very little interest in this area but he was totally inspired and would go to the classes enthused and leave the class enthused, what a big change, he is a believer in all that was presented! I would definitely recommend this series for the beginner exploring health and wellness or the seasoned individual in the field of health and wellness, there should be no one exempt from taking this series of classes.

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